How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 11

Dark Mode Kaise Enable Kare min

Windows 11 a new and very useful Operating System is. Which has now been made available in the market for all users. who have Windows 10 OS Tha they are getting this version for free upgrade. Well leave it, I have come here to give information about Dark Mode, not about Windows 11. And I’ll …


Jio Cricket Plan 499

Jio Cricket Plan 499 min

Jio keeps on bringing new plans with new benefits to woo its users. Today we are talking about this plan. This plan is a cricket plan and is currently running on trending. So you also know what is the specialty of this Jio plan that it is being liked so much by the users. Jio …


Google to Blog Third-Party Call Recording Apps

Google Block Thirt Party Call Recorders

Google It keeps on making new innovations in its product improvement. The latest example of this is blogging third party call recording apps. Yes. from May 11 new developer policy Once implemented, no third party app will be able to record the call and google play store It will also be blogged from tech demon …


Google revealed Android 14’s Codename

Android 14 Codename min

Googlewhich is the world’s most used mobile operating system is the manufacturer. He has started working on his next version. And say that work has started on the next version of the next. Because, Google has not yet android 13 version not launched and 14 But the focus has started. You know that Google names …


7 Best Clone App for Android 2022 in Hindi

7 Best Clone Apps for Android min

of all of us social media But there will be more than one account. Believe it or not, but it is true. leave social media gaming account, whatsapp accountWe will also have many accounts for Insta, Tiktok. The operating system we use does not provide any such facility by default. To run the second account, …