This tool from Newegg will tell whether your favorite game will run on your PC or not

If you are a game lover then you will like two things the most. your first gaming computer And your favorite game. And this is where most of the problems have to be faced that whether such game will be able to run in my computer or not?

Newegg has come up with a solution to this problem. Yes, Newegg’s Gaming PC Finder tool will tell you what kind of computer is needed for which game and whether or not your current computer will be able to play such a game? This tool will tell you about this.

It is an online tool which you can download on its website. You can go and use it. This tool first asks you the video resolution at which you play the game like; 1080p, 2K, 4K. After this you can select 4 games that you want to play or play.

Doing so suggests the tool three pre-built PCs from the computer brand of Newegg. By the way, you will also get computers of other companies. The special feature of this tool is that the result is based on Frames-Per-Second (FPS) basis. as well as you CPU And the use of graphic-card also shows the tool. With which you can guess which part is used more in which game.

For the new gaming lover, this tool can prove to be very beneficial. Because, here they get the best platform to make their gaming PC. He can know which hardware components are needed. Because, this tool also includes popular games like Call of Duty, Warzone, Fortnite.

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