Google to Blog Third-Party Call Recording Apps

Google It keeps on making new innovations in its product improvement. The latest example of this is blogging third party call recording apps. Yes. from May 11 new developer policy Once implemented, no third party app will be able to record the call and google play store It will also be blogged from

tech demon google this function Android Accessibility API doing through. Under the new policy, no app will be able to provide call recording facility to its users through this API.

By the way, let us tell you that Google has been working on this function for a long time. It had turned off real-time call recording in Android 6. And in Android 10 in-call recording is turned off for the microphone.

Nevertheless, this feature was enabled in some phones. Such phones had the availability of Google Accessibility Service. Through which they were providing call recording save. Even before this, Google had completely blogged the call recording citing privacy and security.

what will be the effect on me,

This policy will not have much effect on a common user. If you were taking the service of call recording through apps like Truecaller. So you will not get this facility now. Because, these apps will not have permission from Google to provide the service of call recording through Accessibility API.

Now Google’s operating system will be like Apple’s. There this facility is not provided. But, you will be able to take the facility of call recording through native call recording device like Samsung, Xiaomi etc. Because, their apps have in-built call recording facility.

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