Captcha solver Data entry job

Captcha solver Data entry job : Nowadays internet has become a very important part of our life. We do a lot of our work through the internet. every person who Internet It runs in his mind at some point or the other, that how to earn money from the internet?

Earning money on the Internet has become much easier in today’s time than before. A person can earn money by having basic knowledge about internet. like people nowadays youtubeblog, affiliate marketing, earning money through captcha solver website. If you also want to earn money sitting at home online then know what to do.

Captcha solver data entry job se roj kamaye 300 rupye

Today we will talk about earning money from Captcha Solving website. For that first we have to know what is this Captcha code?

Captcha kya hota hai ?

If you have a basic understanding and knowledge of the Internet, then at some point in your life you have Facebook, gmail Must have created your account on Adi website? You must have used Captcha when you have created your account on Facebook.

Captcha is human verification test. Through this the company (Facebook) makes sure that their Website But the account created is being created by a person or is being created by a bot / machine for spam. Humans fill the captcha by seeing it, but robots or machines etc. are not able to do this.

When you create an account on a website (like Facebook), you see an image which contains some letters, you have to fill those letters in the box given below by looking at the image. Only after that you can create your account.

Nowadays many websites claim captcha entry jobs. They give you some money to solve captcha. For that you have to select a good website for captcha solving job.

Because in today’s time many websites make big claims but the result is very often zero. So before the captcha solving job check the website thoroughly And if you are completely satisfied with the website then go ahead.

By doing the job of captcha solver, you may not earn much but you can earn decent money in your free time.

Captcha solver data entry job se paise kamana?

To earn money from captcha, choose your website on which you want to do captcha entry job. Create an account on that website and start your work.

You will be given an image and you will have to fill the letters inside that image properly in the box below. If your answer is correct then you will be given the next captcha image. That’s how you will move forward. All you have to do is type the letters written in the image in the box.

How much money can I earn from Captcha solver data entry job:

Your earning money from captcha entry job can be estimated from your captcha solving speed. How many Captcha are you solving in a day, your income will also be same.

The more you solve, the more money you will earn. Most companies give 0.35$ to 1$ for every 1000 captcha images solved. And if your speed is very good then you will easily solve at least 500-700 captcha in an hour. And by doing 4-5 hours part time, you can easily earn at least 3-4 dollars in a day.

Top 10 Captcha Typing website in India 2022-

There are many captcha solving websites on the internet which pay some money in exchange for captcha typing. We have selected some such website which is top 10 captcha typing website. You can do captcha entry job through these websites and earn money. Brief information about each website is being given here.

1. MegaTypers

MegaTypers is one of the leading captcha solving website which pays 50 to 100 rupees for every 1000 images saved. If your typing speed is good then you can easily earn 100 to 200 rupees through this website by working 5-6 hours every day sitting at home. you on this website Mobile, laptop either computer can also work with the help of

You can take the money earned by you in your account through Web money, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Debit Cards, Bank Checks, PayPal, Western Union, and Payza etc.

2. 2Captcha

This is also a well known captcha solving website which provides you an opportunity to earn part time money. This website also works like any other captcha solving website. You get the same amount of money for solving images on this website as is given by other websites. You get 100 rupees for every 1000 captcha solving.

You can also take the money earned from this website through Debit cards, AirTM, Payaza, AdvCash, Bitcoin and Perfect Money in your bank account.


This is a popular captcha typing website. You can earn a lot of money every month by creating your account on this website and solving captcha. You are given a few seconds to type each captcha. Do not do wrong typing in a hurry, take your time and type the captcha. You get 100 rupees for solving 1000 captcha images.

You can also earn money from this website like Web money, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Debit CardsBank Checks, PayPal, Western Union, and Payza to your account.

4. FastTypers

This is also one of the best data entry website which gives the customers an opportunity to earn a decent amount of money by solving captcha. If we talk about the claim of this website, then this website talks about giving 100 to 150 rupees for every 1000 captcha solving. The look of this website is also very simple, due to which the speed of this website is very fast.

If we talk about the payment method, then this website will convert the money earned by you to Web Money, Perfect Money, Indian Banks Transfer and send via PayPal.

5. Kolotibablo

It is one of the leading international captcha entry job providers. Since it is providing online work from home jobs since last few years, it has become a recognized and trusted website. The people who are working with colotibablo are completely satisfied with this website because all of them get paid on time. This website also uses a rating system which helps them to improve their performance as well as fix bugs.

The more carefully you work, the more you will earn. It gives opportunity to earn Rs.8000 to Rs.16000 per month. You can convert the money you earn into Litecoins, bitcoinsYandex Money, Payaza, PayPal And you can take it in your account through AdvCash.

6. PixProfit

PixProfit website is a very popular data entry website. However, the registration on this website is currently closed. You need to keep an eye on its website. If you are able to register yourself on this website, you can earn some extra money as compared to other websites, if you can provide at least 95% accuracy.

You can earn up to Rs 150 per 1000 images on this website. And if we talk about payment, then you can take your payment in your account through Payza, Web Money and PayPal.

7. CaptchaTypers

This is also a well known captcha typing data entry job website where you can earn a lot of money by doing part time. This is a great website included in the list of top 10 captcha websites. You also earn up to Rs 100 for every 1000 data entry on this website. If the account created by you on this website is not activated, then you [email protected] You can activate it by email.

There are options like Perfect Money, Payaza, Web Money and Neteller Payment to take payment from this website.

8. Qlinkgroup

To work from this website, you have to download a software, only after which you will be able to work on this website. This website pays weekly, which is the best thing about this website. To be active on this website, it is very important for you to solve 800 captcha every time.

On this website also you get 100 rupees for solving 1000 captcha. And if we talk about payment method, then you can take payment with the help of PayPal and Payza.

9. Captcha2Cash

To access Captcha2cash, you need to download its software and signup. Once you have created your account and logged in, you will be able to start working on this website You will also find the tutorial on this website which will also guide you on how to use and working of this website .

Captcha2cash can help you earn up to Rs.100 for solving 1000 captcha. You can transfer your earned money to your account through Perfect Money and Payza.

10. VirtualBee/ Lionbridge Smart Crowd

VirtualBee is offering a wide variety of job options in areas such as translation, typing and basic internet search. More recently, over the years, it has become part of the Lionbridge Virtual Solutions pattern. Although it pays a little less as compared to other website. This website pays you up to Rs 40 per 1000 Captcha solved. You will have to take the help of Paypal to take the money you earn into your account.

Other than these websites Captcha solver data entry job There are many websites out there. You can also use those websites. But keep in mind that the website makes payment on time. So what are you waiting for? Start earning money from home now.

NOTE: Friends will pay special attention to one thing, if someone asks you for the account of any of these websites, then you do not have to pay money to anyone. And before joining any of these websites, make sure to check their credibility. Although all these websites have been operating for a long time, so we can trust them.