Build your own website or blog in just Rs 1000

Your own website/blog: hello friends if you want to make your own website So I can make your own website for you, that too in only 1000 rupees whereas others web builder service provider charge for making any website 5000-20000 Charges up to Rs.

So friends, read the complete information about what is late and know how much it will cost to run a website and what documents will be required for you to make a website and how much you can earn per month.

Note: Rs 1000 is the fee for creating a promotional website, you will have to bear the cost of domain and hosting yourself. The cost of e-commerce or professional website will be according to the work.

Build your own website or blog: Apni khud ki website/blog

apni website banwaye
apni website banwaye

Friends, two things are needed to make any website.

  1. domain name
  2. web hosting

Domain Kya hai : What is a domain?

If I tell in very simple language, then domain name is the name of any website. Like the domain name of this website of mine is. If you want to build a website, then you have to buy a domain name. Which you can buy from or, which will cost from Rs.99 to Rs.800. Domain name price depends on tld like .com, .in, Domain name registration is for one year.

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Web Hosting kya hai : What is web hosting

Web hosting simply means to store the data of any website on an online server. This happens in the same way as we save any file in our mobile. To build a website, you will also have to buy web hosting. The rent of webhosting is per month which ranges between Rs.80 to Rs.1000. When you make a new website, you will not need more expensive webhosting. As the income of your website increases, you can buy the same hosting.

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How much will the total cost: Total Budget: So friends, now you must be thinking that how much will it cost to build any website. And how much will it cost per month to per year, then I will tell you:

Suppose you bought a domain which cost you 99 rupees and you bought web hosting whose monthly rent is 120 rupees, then the total cost will be to build your website.

total 99rs+120rs+1000rs+18% GST= 1438 rs

The rent of web hosting is monthly and the renewal of domain is on the basis of every year, if added accordingly, then your annual cost will be

Domain renewal 99rs

Web Hosting 12(Month)*120rs+18% GST= 1699Rs

99rs+1440rs+18%GST = 1816 rs per year

Required Documents:

You must have some necessary documents to do business on the Internet because without these documents it is very difficult to do business on the Internet.

  1. Email ID
  2. bank account
  3. ATM card / credit card
  4. PAN Card

How much can you earn from website:

Friends, you can earn a lot of money through the website. But in this business you will need patience and constant hard work. You have to work for 3-4 hours a day. As your website gets older, the users of your site will increase and your earnings will also increase. It takes 3-6 months for any website to be established. You can earn from 10 thousand rupees per month to 1 lakh rupees per month.

If you want to earn money from the website, then that word of Shri Krishna will have to be made your Mool Mantra in which he said “Do the work, don’t desire the fruit” Because the more work you do in this business, the higher will be the profit.

Note: If you want to make a blog site like then you will have to spend 8000 rupees because the theme of this website is Premium.

how to earn money from website

To earn money from any website you will need two things.

  1. Traffic The more traffic on your website, the higher will be your earning. The more data on your website, the more traffic will be on your site. According to an average, if 1000 users come to your site every day, then you can earn from Rs 50 to Rs 100 per day. And as your site becomes old, users will increase on your site. And within 3-6 months you will reach from 10 thousand rupees per month to 20 thousand rupees per month. How to increase website traffic read How to increase site Traffic – Hindi Blog
  2. Adnetwork: You have your own website and you also have traffic, now you will need adnetwork, with the help of which you will place advertisements on your website. When any user clicks on these advertisements, you will get Rs 1 to Rs 50 per click. The better the theme of your website, the more money you will get per click. Build your own website.

I am giving you the names of some major adnetworks. Apart from this, there are many other famous ad networks like Google Adsense, Bidvertiser,, Taboola.

Website Demo : Terms & Conditions

Now I am going to show you demos of some websites in which music website, movie websiteand you can build a website like android app store. build your own website

Demo : Blogging Site (1000 rs) : There are many demos of blogging sites, send us the link of the website whatever design you want. If the theme will be premium then you will have to pay for it.

Demo : Music & Songs (1000rs) If you want to make a website for music and songs, then this is very useful for you. Because Music and Songs will be updated automatically on this website and you will not have to upload any data. And you will not even need very expensive hosting of this type of website. If you do not have the knowledge of running a website, then the website will be very good for you. And you will also get help in learning.

Demo : Video & Movies (1000rs) : This website is also made with automatic update function. In this site also you will not have to upload any video or movie. All you have to do is promote your site. The SEO of this site is very good and traffic will start coming to your site very soon. SEO Kya hai full Hindi guide.

Demo : Android application store special offer base price 4000rs 50% off (2000rs): This website is also based on premium theme. And the settled press of this website is Rs 4000 but I have extra license for the theme of this site, so I can make this site for you at 50% off. (Offer for a limited time.) Build your own website/blog.

Friends, this is the demo site given above, if you want to make your own website like the demo given above or you want to make any website like you, contact us. Build your own website.

If you need any help in buying domain and hosting then you can contact us. And if you make a website with us, then you will be given full support of 1 month.

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