Amazon took a big decision, will stop this service in China by 2023

amazon a popular one in the world e-commerce website Is. But, Amazon doesn’t just sell stuff. Rather, his other techniques are also used around the world. One of which is Amazon Kindle i.e. online service for selling, publishing and reading e-books. Which can be accessed through a Kindle reader.

Now Amazon has decided that it will shut down Amazon Kindle by June 2023 and residents of China will not be able to buy new books. However, an additional year will be given by the company to download the purchased e-books. That is, by 2024, people in China will be able to download e-books already purchased.

According to a Reuters report, the company has stopped shipping its e-book reader device Kindle reader to retailers.

It is worth noting that Amazon has already closed its e-commerce business in 2019. It is getting tough competition from local players like Xiaomi, iFlytek, Huawei etc there. Therefore, the company has taken this decision with the aim of adjusting its business due to global market player. With this decision, the company will have to lose more than 500 million big markets.

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